“If Only” Book and Box

“Eight Questions – A Recipe for Change”

“Loretta’s Acronym Primer”

“Make It”


“Siren’s Song”
“My Friends”
“Bad Girls”

“From Here to There”

Artist Statement describing your work

What I find most interesting and intrinsic to the artist’s book is time, space, and sequence.  Turning the pages sets up a tempo, fast, slow, and pauses. It’s how the book unfolds and how one page informs the others. The book is about parts; not like a painting, where one sees the whole at one time – rather, like a movie – when finished, it’s the memory of the parts that give you the whole experience.  An artist’s book gives the viewer an interactive role – they touch and hold it.  It’s an intimate experience, a conversation between viewer and maker.  It’s the flow and the journey which takes the viewer from one place to somewhere else. 

My most recent books move away from the traditional rectangular page; instead using irregular page edges and cut openings.  The result is more innovative, less like a traditional book, and more like an object.